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ALERT -- The latest build of Windows 10 available for free upgrade for the next year starting July 29, 2015.  Call me for advice & assistance for upgrading your computer.  808-325-3211

If you’ve come here after seeing my ad in West Hawaii Today, you understand the basics of computer use.  Access to the World Wide Web is one of the primary reasons to own a computer these days.

PC Help -- All Windows platforms from Win95 thru Win10

My job is to assist your use of your computer.  I call it “Your Computer, Your Way”.  Whether you use internet, email, special programs or entertainment, I can show you the best and most efficient methods of operating your computer according to the way you operate your life.  I can help you make the best choice of computers -- Windows or Mac.  And show you how to maintain your computer with the least complexity and stay safe while on line. .................

                                        ------ Joe Gatti of WebWork Hawaii

Tutorial Services -- Your Computer, Your Way
Personal Websites -- Help and linking to social  web services
Computer Graphics -- Flash animations, Logos and general graphics creation

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